Feature highlights

On the go, stay connected.
In the circle

With STYX HALO, everything is within reach. Call the office and respond to an urgent message. You may use STYX HALO to access a quick dial pad and sync speed dial contacts on the watch. It’s all about making the right connections.

Variety of Colors

To make your watch completely unique, choose from a combination of four colours. It’s simple to change the strap using a one-button rapid remove. It’s smooth and gentle on the skin, and it doesn’t stain readily

Honeycomb Menu

The easy available & accessible menu to reach any function on just one touch. No Scrolling now.

Zinc Alloy Bezel

The Halo with its stylish Metal Body has everything you need in a smartwatch.

Sports that push you to your limits

STYX HALO allows you to explore your opportunities. Different workouts, such as cricket, jogging, walking, cycling, and swimming, are available. It provides much more, and you may benefit from it as well.

Take control of your health
by using your wrist.

STYX HALO allows you to monitor your blood pressure.
The maximum and blood pressure readings are measured by the blood pressure monitor.

And the music keeps going

Play music on your smartwatch and listen to your favourite tracks whenever and wherever you want!

Deep Water Resistance and Dustproof

Deep Water Resistance and Dustproof Can deal with daily life scenes, support washing hands, sweating, raining, swimming.

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