1.77" Large Color Display

Check your health stats at a glance with Styx NYX extra-large (1.7″) touchscreen. The large screen size prevents mistouches, while high brightness and vivid display allows you to see clearly even in direct sunlight.

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Cool Watch Faces


for All Moods & Occasions

Your STYX NYX can match your outfit and mood with over 100 trendy watch faces to choose from.

Unique Split Slide Screen

Colorful Watch Straps

To make your watch completely unique, choose from a combination of four colours. It’s simple to change the strap using a one-button rapid remove. It’s smooth and gentle on the skin, and it doesn’t stain readily.

Longer battery life Forget the worries that need to be recharged every day

The thin and light body is equipped with a 220mAh large-capacity battery, and the standby time is up to 20 days.

IP67 waterproof, Ride the wind and waves with you

It supports washing hands, sweating, raining, swimming and wearing to meet the waterproof needs of daily life, and it can be worn worry-free.

*(Do not soak in warm water, sea water, or corrosive liquids!)

Stay Connected with Notification Alerts

Get customizable alerts to view calls or messages, so that you do not miss any important calls or messages when you are away from your phone.

Heart rate and blood pressure monitoring

you can easily measure blood pressure and blood oxygen from the wrist, make you know your own health and let you feel more comfortable 24-hour daily heart rate monitoring

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